Monday, July 25, 2011

"Big Girls Don't Cry..."

Posted by Heather at Monday, July 25, 2011
Pathetic Face

(This is my right as a mother- and payment for lack of sleep and lack of sanity- to take incriminating pictures like this in which to blackmail you 15 years from now :-P)

"Waaah, waah, WAAH!!!"

I don't know if we're starting the "terrible twos" a little early, or what, but recently, you've been quite a challenge, Katy! You are a roller coaster of emotions (happy one moment, upset and frustrate the next) and you don't seem to know what you want (first we want to walk to the car, then we want to be carried, then we cry at both...).

Getting you into the car seat is quite a struggle, nowadays- you scream and holler like a banshee and make your body go board-straight so that I can't bend you to sit in the seat and buckle (the people in the parking lot around me must be wondering!). I suddenly "get" why there are drive through tellers at banks, drive through fast food, curb-side to go, pick up at dry cleaners and pick up groceries at the store- sometimes, it's just too hard to keep getting a kid in and out of the car seat!!

You are exerting your strong-willed nature and sense of independence every day. You want to climb into the car all by yourself. You want to open the door all by yourself. You want to get down from your chair (never mind that it will tumble down on you if you're not careful) all by yourself. You want to throw that one piece of trash out all by yourself.

Couple the above with the fact that more molars are coming in and you've got one cranky Katy and one tired mama! Whew- motherhood is definitely WORK!


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