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Fourth of July New Jersey Style

Posted by Heather at Monday, July 04, 2011

"Whee!!" Sliding around and having fun at Nana and Grandpa Jones' house.

Running Free! (Look at all that nature!)

Katy cooks up something delicious.

Pool time with Carly!

Katy actually gets IN the pool (took some coaxing and she had more fun washing her hands than actually swimming and splashing around in the pool).

Katy loves her Daddy!

Hugs for Carly!

Bikini ready!

"Happy Fourth of July!"

Katy discovers BARBIES!! :-) (How appropriate it be at Amy's house after our childhood Barbie escapades.)

Katy, since Daddy had Friday and Monday off for the Fourth of July, we took a road trip up to New Jersey to surprise Nana Jones with a visit from her favorite little visitor- YOU! We left late Thursday night and arrived in Tabernacle early, early Friday morning after a LONG drive! Even though Daddy and I were still tired after only a couple of hours of sleep, you still woke up at your normal six-thirty wake up time, Katy. So, you and I went downstairs to play and wait for Nana to wake up and notice her surprise visitor. Aunt Megan was able to "coax" Nana downstairs with a ploy that Grandpa's back was hurting him. When Nana came down the stairs and saw you, Katy, she was so surprised!!

We spent the rest of Friday relaxing and resting. You played and explored new territory with Nana and Grandpa "Bapa". Daddy and I got to see Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason's new house. Mr. Justin Eckart came over to visit with Daddy, Friday night. Nana and Grandpa did a great job at wearing you down because you napped and slept great while at their house.

Saturday morning you played with Nana and Grandpa before we left to go to cousin Carly's first birthday party. You and I went for a walk around Wimbeldon Saturday morning. As we were walking, five deer ran across the road. When you saw them, you exclaimed, "Moo!" I guess you can take baby out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the baby :-P.

We had fun wishing Carly a Happy First Birthday and catching up with some of the Petruzzi family. After Carly dug into her cake, we left the party to visit Granny Petruzzi in the hospital in Hazelton. Granny was so happy to see you! You certainly brightened her day, Katy!

Sunday morning we went to church with Nana. You did pretty well sitting through half of the service until you got too fidgety to sit still and be quiet. So, I took you downstairs to the Fellowship Hall and ran around and got some of that extra energy out. After church, you took a marathon nap (BY YOURSELF!!!) and then we sat down to a yummy meal of ribs, pasta salad and beans- DELICIOUS!

We decided to leave for home Sunday night after we ate dinner in hopes to avoid some holiday traffic. We didn't run into traffic but we did chase a terrible rain storm through Virginia. At one point, we stopped at a VA rest area and we got SOAKED running from the car to the restrooms. You thought it was HILARIOUS that we were getting drenched and you laughed manically all the way (which of course, made me laugh even though I was soaked and the weather was terrible to run and drive in).

We arrived home safe and sound at 2:30 AM and we had a good visit with family.

As for our Fourth of July activities, we just took it easy, today, and ate egg rolls for dinner as is our tradition (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a Chinese restaurant open on the Fourth!). We stayed far away from riding in the car, today :-).

Happy Fourth of July!


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Great pictures! It sounds like you had a wonderful visit. Glad you all were safe!

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