Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Posted by Heather at Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Ever since you were a little baby we would play the "Stinky Feet" game with you, Katy. You know the one- where you put your nose to your feet and exclaim, "Pee-u!" Well, after a year of conditioning, you now do it yourself and proclaim, "P-Ooh!" So cute!

Also on the subject of feet, you have a fascination with all things having to do with feet. When we ask you, "Where are your toes, Katy?" You now grab your feed and usually proclaim, "P-Oooh!"

Also, you love, love, love shoes! You understand that Daddy has shoes and Mommy has shoes. When we leave to go somewhere, you can go into the closet and get the correct shoes for the correct person. Such a smart girl!


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