Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011 with the Coyles

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Guys and Dolls- out for an evening stroll

"Reach out and touch someone..."

"Molly, let me tell you a secret!"

Katy, "Look Molly- this is how you do it."

Molly with her "crazy" Uncle Ted

Memorial Day Outfits- You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get two babies smiling and sitting still for a picture!

Katy and Molly enjoying the Muppets (this picture is for you, Daddy!)

Katy with second cousin, Jaclyn

Cooling off with some ice cream from Cabarrus Creamery- YUMMY!

"Say 'Cheese!' Girls!"

Katy taught Molly how to tap two balls together to make a sound.

Baby Crack- aka, Baby Einstein

Katy with her Aunt Hope, Uncle Eric and cousin Molly (I love Molly's cute little wave)

Auntie Hope, Uncle Eric and Molly came this past weekend for the long Memorial Day weekend. Katy, you had a GREAT time playing with your cousin! Since you are seven months older, Katy, everywhere you ran, Molly was sure to follow five seconds later. We knew if we heard the pitter-patter of your feet, Katy, that we'd hear the sounds of Molly crawling after you a couple of seconds later. Molly kept watching and observing you, Katy. Molly is much more reserved and shy and she is content to watch, listen and learn. Whereas, you, Katy are my wild child willing to fling yourself at the task at hand with wild abandon!

They Coyles arrived Friday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday morning. We were able to go to church with them on Sunday, go out for ice cream at the Cabarrus Creamery (you and Molly both love ice cream- must be genetic ;-), play games and relax (or, relax as much as you can with two kids under two :-).

You loved saying, "Baby," and "Ma-e" for Molly. You kept going over to Molly and giving her kisses and hugs. You wanted to help "feed" Molly Cheerios and generally be wherever Molly was. You did pretty well at sharing your plethora of toys with your cousin. Sometimes, you would even "trade" with Molly if she was playing with a toy you currently wanted.

We had a cook-out on Monday. My cousin, Jaclyn joined us for a lunch of grilled corn, sausages, chicken, salad, watermelon and strawberry shortcake. Jaclyn just arrived this past weekend to Wake Forest for her summer internship. We are excited to have her so close for the summer!

Even though Daddy had to work at the races Sunday, we had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend with family.


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