Wednesday, May 4, 2011

14 1/2 Months is a fun age!

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, May 04, 2011
You are at such a fun age, right now, Katy! You are learning and putting associations together. For example, you understand that the bottle cap goes on the bottle and that we put the Campbell's soup magnet on the dishwasher (to indicate that the dishes inside are dirty). You are mimicking our words and sounds more- cracking us up with your own rendition of "No, no, no!" when you pucker up your lips and point your little finger near your cheek- so cute!

You are getting more agile and still continue to be super-flexible. You are into EVERYTHING and there are some days that it's a challenge to keep you from getting into and onto EVERYTHING without hurting yourself. You love to climb up on the step stool in the pantry and if I'm not fast enough, you'll attempt to climb onto the open dishwasher or one of the dining room chairs.

You let us know that you are "All Done" by waving your hands around frantically in the air. You understand that putting on shoes and coats indicates that we are going somewhere and you usually head straight for the back door when you see us getting our shoes on. When we say, "Let's go upstairs, Katy," you march right to the door to the steps, in anticipation of going upstairs, just like we said. You understand that once we get food out of the refrigerator, that we need a utensil to eat it with, so usually you go from fridge to pointing to the utensil drawer.

Right now, we are into learning what sounds various animals make and it's fun (and funny!) to get you to tell us what a cow, puppy, ducky, and sheep say. You still confuse some animals- for example, you don't realize that a doggy and puppy are the same thing and you confuse a squirrel for a dog- but you are learning and it's so fun to watch you learn! We'll be in the store walking around and you'll see a picture of a do on some sort of poster and all of a sudden I'll hear you saying, "Ruff, ruff!"


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