Monday, April 4, 2011


Posted by Heather at Monday, April 04, 2011
Last night while Daddy was working in the office and I was getting ready for bed, you were playing around at my feet in the bathroom. All of a sudden, you ran out of the bathroom and ran smack, dab into the office door. Your bounced off the door and fell backwards. You had a stunned look on your face and it took a moment for the pain to register. Then, you let it WAIL!! We have no idea what made you all of a sudden run out of the room and into the door but it was truly something from the cartoons! We shouldn't laugh, but it was quite comical. Of course, now you have not one, not two but THREE marks on your forehead from all of your recent "escapades." As you are growing taller, getting faster, you tend to forget to watch for toys left (by you, I might add) on the floor or for tables that are just a little too short.


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