Tuesday, April 19, 2011

500th Blog Post

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, April 19, 2011
This is the 500th blog post of All Things Katy! There are no real numbers to share at this time- just a "Hurray! We've made it this far!"

Our little Katy is no longer little. She's growing so quickly- watching and learning new things every day. She is running all over the place, crouching, hiding, playing, waving and babbling, mimicing our sounds and actions. Katy loves to give kisses, hugs and snuggles and she knows how to use them to her best advantage- smart cookie!

Speaking of cookie, she knows what a cookie is, too! She can identify Cookie Monster by name as well as make the appropriate sounds for duck, puppy, cow and train.

Katy has six teeth, going on eight.

Katy's favorite book of the moment is "Things that Go!" from her great-grandma and great-grandpa Jones. She will pick the book out of a stack, hand it to you and then scoot her little bottom into your lap and wait for you to read. If you don't move fast enough, she will take your hand and place it on the book or object that she wants you to manipulate for her.

Katy understands that some things go together and some things don't. I caught her trying to put the lids on her sippy cups the other day- all perfectly matching.

Katy loves to be a little mommy- caring and nurturing her dolls. She likes to hold her sippy cup up to their mouths and rock them like she sees me do to her.

Katy's favorite foods at the moment are yogurt, hummus and lots of fruits. She's not crazy about the veggies, but we try to sneak them in when we can. Katy will take yogurt off the shelf, hand it to me, and then walk over the silverware drawer and point up to it until you get a spoon for her to eat her yogurt with. So smart!


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