Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hippity Hoppity- Kinetic Kids Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by Heather at Sunday, April 10, 2011
Daddy helps you find an egg.

"Hmm... which egg to choose?"

"Look, Ma! I found an orange egg!"

Put the eggs in, take the eggs out...

"This blue plastic egg taste yummy!"

Katy looks over her "stash"

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Yesterday was the annual Kinetic Kids Easter Egg Hunt. This year, the hunt was held at Pharr Mill Road Park. The weather was sunny and mild- the perfect weather to go find some eggs! This was the first year that you were able to participate in the egg hunt, Katy, as last year you were just six weeks old.

We handed you the adorable bunny basket that your great-great-Aunt Phyllis made you, showed you how to "find" the eggs and put them in your basket and off you went! There were LOTS of eggs to find (since there wasn't a huge turnout, there were enough eggs for each toddler to find almost 80 eggs if they were so adventurous!!) and they were pretty much left out in the open for the toddlers to "find."

You had no problem holding your basket like a purse and walking around in the grass with all of the other toddlers. You would find an egg, pick it up, inspect it and then carefully place it in your basket. Every once in awhile you liked to shake the eggs because they rattled with the candy that was inside of them. Once you found out that the eggs actually OPENED and had treats inside, you were all done finding new eggs and just wanted to look over your stash of half a dozen eggs.


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