Thursday, July 17, 2014

Walking, Talking Dictionary

Posted by Heather at Thursday, July 17, 2014
Blame it on PBS superhero from the planet Lexicon, Word Girl, or Katy's general love of words, but Lil' Miss has become a human walking, talking dictionary. She has always LOVED to talk and she has always had a great vocabulary. Now, she's upped her game and not only does she use words like, "uber," "fantastic," "parched," "hydrated," in the correct context, but she now defines the words after she uses them! Ha!

For example, the last week I was on the phone talking to my mother. I told my mom that, "....Katy just devoured her lunch..." Katy chimed in and said, "Devour means to gobble up really, really fast!"

Another example, we were reading a book from the library and one of the words I read out loud was, "enormous." I paused to ask Katy if she knew what "enormous" meant. She then replied, "Enormous means the opposite of puny."

We were at my grandmother's apartment, this past week. Katy was running around, wreaking havoc on the place- asking about people pictured in the many frames she has laying around, asking where my grandmother had acquired the various knick-knacks strewn across her shelves, etc. Katy picked up a small porcelain world globe. My grandmother started to say, "Be careful, Katy- that globe is really fragile...." Katy then finished my grandmother's sentence and said, "I know, Grandma. Fragile means really, really breakable. I'll be careful."


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