Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Fish

Posted by Heather at Monday, August 05, 2013
Katy started swim lesson at Open Water Adventure back in May. She goes once a week for thirty minutes, each time. There are three, three-year olds in the class to one instructor. The first lesson went okay. The second, third and fourth were HORRIBLE. There was kicking (and not the good kind)! There was screaming! There was thrashing and moaning and all-over bad behavior.

Then, June rolled around and suddenly, Katy was a different person! She was following directions, kicking (in a good way!) and paddling. Katy calmly floated on her back and she gladly jumped into the water.

By mid-July, Katy decided that she'd actually SWIM... on her own! Now, we're not talking "pretty" swimming, but she does enough kicking and doggie paddle to keep herself afloat. When she starts to get tired, she rolls over to her back to float. Right before our trip to St. Augustine, FL, at the end of July, Katy finally decided to put her head in the water and swim underwater. She is so much smoother and more graceful swimming under the water.

Today, we found a lone dive stick at the bottom of our community pool (left behind by a neighbor). Katy surprised me by wanting to go after the stick. So, I let her go for it. It took her a couple of tries, but she finally swam down far enough (it was in the three-foot section of the pool) to retrieve it. Once she got the stick the first time, she kept tossing it in and then diving in after it. In a word (and I'm totally biased ;-), she was AWESOME!

So, at least I can be satisfied in knowing that the money we spend on swim lessons is being well-spent. She may have her bad swim lessons (what was up with last week's meltdown?!), but she's learning in between the tantrums!

We've got a little fish on our hands! Swim Katy, swim!


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