Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Giving it a "Shot"

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Today, Katy got her MMR vaccination. Typically, children receive this shot when they turn one years old. However, that was right around the time that we found out that she was allergic to eggs, so we opted not to get her vaccinated for MMR at that time (MMR vaccine is grown in eggs). We had hoped that she would outgrow the allergy and then we could get her vaccinated at a later date (hopefully, before kindergarten).

Fast forward to earlier this summer when a girl in the MOMs club came down with the measles. The mother of this child did her due diligence by informing all the other moms who came in contact with her little girl so that we would be aware. HOWEVER, talk about FREAK OUT! For days afterwards, I kept scanning Katy's body for every little bump, dot, hive, anything out of the ordinary. Luckily, Katy didn't get the measles (nor did anybody else in the group that we know of), but that pushed me over the edge. My fear of Katy actually contracting the measles won out over my fear of her having an allergic reaction to the vaccine. With Katy entering pre-school in the fall, I just didn't feel it was wise to take the risk.

Katy got the shot first thing this morning and she was less than thrilled. She kept saying, through tears, "I don't like that shot. I don't like the doctor. Let's go home!" She was screaming and hollering so loud that the whole office to could hear her. We checked out quickly and were on our way.

But wait, the story gets better....!

While waiting for shot to be administered, I had mentioned to the nurse that Katy had a little spot on her chin that looked like eczema (I should know!) but could I get a doctor to look at it and maybe we could get something an RX called into the pharmacy? The nurse looked at the spot and said that she'd have the doctor call something in (we're not talking life threatening, here).

We leave the doctor's office and go to IKEA for lunch and to walk around. As soon as I pull into IKEA, the doctor's office calls and asks for us to schedule an appointment to have the doctor look at the spot. PEOPLE, I WAS JUST THERE!!! >:( Needless to say, I was more than a bit frustrated. Add to that, horrible construction on I-85 that made a normally 25 minute ride almost AN HOUR (!!!!) to get BACK to the doctor's office...!

We pull back into the doctor's office and immediately, Katy is crying and fussing and telling me that she, "Doesn't want a shot! No doctor!" We check in and after waiting a bit, we finally see the doctor. I tell the doctor my sob story and she can't believe that we had to come back... sigh!! Left hand, please meet right hand....

Oh, but at least Katy looked cute, today. Picture this: Katy was wearing her favorite pink strawberry dress that I found at a consignment sale. Her hair was done in a "mini-pony" with a big poufy hair-do-dad. She was wearing her red sparkly shoes and she made sure to don her purple butterfly sunglasses. Stylin'!


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