Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fly Swatter

Posted by Heather at Thursday, May 10, 2012
Yesterday, I attempted to squish a spider that I found roaming around. For those who know me best, this is no small feat as I really dislike bugs and usually defer to the hubby to take care of such unsavory tasks. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to thwart the little bugger as he scurried right up into a crack by the window.

Later in the day, Katy must have seen him because I watched her suddenly stop playing with her toys, go into the shoe closet, grab one of my flip-flops, slap the wall with the shoe and then she very proudly informed me, "I got buggy. I took care of buggy." Then, Katy walked over to the bathroom sink to rinse off the shoe/fly swatter. While no bugs were harmed in this act, I was CRACKING UP while watching Katy's antics!!


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