Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Copy" Cat

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, August 17, 2011
"This ice 'copy' sure looks yummy!"

"Gulp, gulp, gulp! I'll help myself, thank you!"

Milk Mustache- Happy Katy

Katy, you love to call coffee, "copy." Every time Daddy or I reach for our morning cup of joe, you reach your hands up and desperately cry out, "Copy, copy! Me copy!" Since the weather has been quite warm lately, I've been drinking my coffee iced. Even though the coffee is iced, you know that it's "copy" and you always want some. So, yesterday, after I had finished my coffee, I gave you the left over ice cubes (no need to give you real coffee because I have enough problems as it is getting you to sleep at night without the help of added caffeine) and you were in seventh heaven thinking that I had given you "copy." My little caffeine fiend!


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