Thursday, November 18, 2010

39th Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, November 18, 2010
Puffer Fish Face
"Hey Santa, whatcha up to?"

Peacefully sleeping on the Big Bed...

Today you are nine months old, Katy! Where did the time go?! My baby is growing up and discovering and achieving new things each and every day! It's amazing to see the transformation from helpless, crying newborn to active, crawling, exploring, into-everything nine month old!

This week, you learned to clap your hands (separate blog post). We've been working on getting you to clap in rhythm to the song, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!" (I'm probably not the best person to be teaching rhythm, I admit). You do tend to clap your hands spontaneously when you are happy or excited.

You love to wave and will greet me each morning with a floppy hand wave (right hand), a smile and sometimes even a, "Hi!" Waving is so much fun that you like to wave at pictures and even the computer screen if you see a face on it (like when I check Facebook and see all the pictures of my friends and family's cuties). I've caught you more than once waving to pictures of cousin Molly or friend Henry.

You sat on Santa's knee, this week (separate blog post). You were a champ and not even scared at his beard or costume. You told him in your own special Katy way what you wanted for Christmas and of course, you charmed Santa. No naughty list for you, Katy!

Your two bottom teeth are getting bigger and more noticeable. You still enjoy eating by yourself but I have found that if I distract your hands with something that you sometimes eat what I have for you on the spoon. Also, I've started mixing plain vanilla yogurt with veggies so that you will eat them- sounds kind of yucky but it works.

On Saturday, we will be leaving for our grand PA/NJ road trip. I'll be picking up Grandma Tinkey from the airport and then we will be driving north to visit Auntie Hope, Uncle Eric, Molly, Great-Grandma Tinkey, Great-Grandma Petruzzi and then finally arrive at Nana and Grandpa Jones' for Thanksgiving! I'm sure we'll see other family and friends during our trip, too. I'm praying for good weather, good driving conditions (me, driving long-distance- you should be scared!) and good health for the trip.

Just recently, you've started to protest going in your car seat, Katy (does not bode well for the before-mentioned road trip). When I start to put you in the car seat you straighten out your legs and make your body very rigid so that I can't get you to sit in the seat. You cry and holler, protesting the seat. Eventually, once I get you in the seat and you cry it out for a couple of minutes you are a fine. Usually...


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