Thursday, August 5, 2010

24 Weeks Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, August 05, 2010
24 Weeks, August 1 2010

Katy's new Lumpy Rocking Horse (only we would find AND want one of these!).

Katy's reaction to feeding her apples (what kid DOESN'T like apples??!).

"I love to eat!"

Daddy sporting the Moby Wrap and a (finally!) sleeping Katy (plus getting in a little Xbox time! :-)!

"Bang, Bang on the drum!"

Today you are 24 weeks old, Katy. My, how time flies!

You got to spend the whole week at home, basking in the loving, undivided attention of your Grandma and Grandpa Jones. So far, you have been a very good girl for them eating all of your bottles, most of your food and taking nice, long naps! They've been having fun playing with you, listening to you giggle and entertain them.

You finally said, "Dada," much to Daddy's delight. You still don't necessarily identify "Mama" or "Dada" to either Daddy or I, but you at least say them out loud, a lot and that makes us happy.

We introduced you to apples, this week (separate blog post). At first, you didn't really seem to care for them but Grandma reported that you seemed to like them, yesterday. I guess it just took some getting used to. So far, no outward allergic reactions to apples.

We consigned some of the items we no longer need/you outgrew at the Charlotte Tot Trade, this week. We were able to go to the consignor's pre-sale, last night. We even found a Lumpy riding toy for you! You made out like a bandit in the toy department, thanks to your grandparents! :-)

We've caught you peering around corners to watch a person leaving the room and you now understand to look at the floor when an item drops. You've vocalized your "request" for more attention on various occasions and you've come to anticipate results.

You are more playful and love to explore. You play to learn- searching and exploring each toy and item placed in front of you. You now play Peek-A-Boo on your own. Grandma says, "Katy, play Peek-A-Boo" and you know to hide your eyes and then "pop" out. You smile and smile playing this game!


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