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Christmas 2015

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Eve Dress, sewn by moi

Christmas 2015 was a quiet affair spent with the Jones grandparents. Katy was lucky enough to spend the whole week preceding Christmas with Nanny and Poppy Jones (Yay!) while Mommy and Daddy had to work (Boo!). She got to go to the library, Painted Pottery and out to lunch with the grandparents. Lucky girl!

We went to church as a family Christmas Eve. The 3PM service was packed at Elevation!

Christmas Eve Jones Family Picture

After we came home from church, we enjoyed a fun, fondue dinner. Lil' Miss got to open gift Christmas Eve (always Pjs). This year, though, it was a matching Dolly and Me Nightgown set for Katy and Samantha! (I swear, that doll is like a fourth member of our family- ha!).


The night before Christmas, Katy was super excited! We told her that she could come down no sooner than 7:30AM Christmas morning. Unbeknownst to Ted and I, she woke the grandparents up at 1:30AM to go open presents. The funny part was, Nanny was almost ready to let her do it (until Poppy glanced at his phone and realized that it was only 1:30AM in the morning!).Thankfully, they tucked her back in bed.

Then, at 3:30AM, Lil' Miss was kind enough to wake Ted and I up, too. However, this time, Ted tucked Katy back into bed.

Of course, when it was actually 7:30am in the morning (a decent time to wake up and open presents!), Lil' Miss was fast alseep and sawing logs.... haahhahahahhaha!

We finally got started around 8:30/9AM Christmas morning. Lil' Miss had a pile of presents to go through but she made quick work of it! She's a lucky little girl to have so many people in her life that not only shower her with gifts but love her through and through!!

If I were to pick a theme for this year's Christmas, I'd say it was a very Merry Shopkins Christmas. (Christmas 2013 was brought to you by My Little Ponies, last year was Frozen Themed ;-). Oh, those tiny, characterized plastic figurines of food, clothes and other shop-able items....! Their pull alludes me but they are super, duper popular with the under eight crowd and Katy is no exception. She LOVES Shopkins!!

Katy spent most of the day playing with her new toys. We ended the day with our traditional Chinese Take-out Dinner (no prep, non clean up- Merry Christmas to me!).

Merry Christmas, one and all!


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