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A Vision To Remember- Christmas Stocking Pattern Review

Posted by Heather at Friday, December 18, 2015
In the spirit of all things Christmas-y and the fact that Christmas is just one short week away (ONE WEEK, people!! Seven DAYS!!!), I present to you the final day of A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern blog tour! (You know, in case Santa's elves need to get cracking on some stockings/cute wrapping.... ;-)

This was my first time creating a "rag" type anything so I was definitely out of my element when I sewed up my stocking (As you might know from reading through previous All Things Katy! posts, I mostly sew clothing for my smart, beautiful, sometimes-sassy five-almost-six year old daughter ;). However, part of the beauty of learning to sew (and pretty much teaching myself), is that with each project, I get to learn something new, perfect old skills and gain new ones... such was the case with A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern.

First, I need to state that this free "pattern" is more of a list of directions.... and, to be honest, I was a little intimidated and confused by the lack of progress pictures throughout the tutorial.

Never fear, though, the online sewing community is a beautiful thing! With the help of some of my sew sisters (THANK YOU, Ladies!), I was able to figure things out and get going. Once I figure out what paired with what- the stocking came together in no time!

The first thing I need to state (to help others, like me, that might be a bit confused on how to start) is- sewing the A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern stocking is completely OPPOSITE of sewing a garment. For A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern it's WRONG sides together and the "hem" is facing out (that's what ends up being the fun, featured "ragged" element).

So, with that being said, I really wanted to include some of my own, personal progress pictures of my A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern....

Here goes....

(First, refer to the free A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern for the pattern and sew-along information. Trust me, everything that I say/picture from this point forward will make MUCH more sense if you do so ;-)

After you cut out all of the strips, go ahead and lay things out. For every strip of fabric that you see in the picture, there is a matching sized piece of flannel sitting beneath it, face up (ie, the flannel and the fabric strip are BOTH facing up). This really helped me get a feel for the flow of patterns. Also, by laying everything out, I was able to presumptively make sure that I didn't accidentally create two left feet (pun intended). Be sure to make MIRROR images!!!

Lay out your strips of fabric/flannel. Make sure to make MIRROR images!

Now, the A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern talks about "fabric sandwiches." This was pretty confusing to me- I couldn't figure out how many layers I was sewing up at once. Feel free to scroll through my pictures below....hopefully, if you are visual learner like I am, this will help...

"Fabric Sandwiches" In this picture are two of the strips that I laid out in the picture before. It goes fabric face down, flannel face down, flannel facing UP, fabric facing up. Sew along the LONG edge and continue to do so until you have one big piece of sewn together fabric. Tip- the flannel creates the INSIDE of the stocking.

How to assemble each strip and put them together. Once I figured out how to lay everything out, sewing up the stocking was breeze- just some straight stitches and I was good to go. 

Sewing all the layers together.

Using an existing stocking as a template. A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern includes a printable stocking pattern. However, I already had a stocking that I liked the shape of, so, I just went with that.)

Notice the cut hems. Around step 13 of A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern, it talks about "cutting" the hems with short blade scissors. This confused me at first. However, cutting the hems will make the edges more "ragged" after you wash them.

Stocking BEFORE going into the laundry.
Also, I slightly modified the pattern by just using a piece of ribbon cut to size for my loop (opposed to the instructed piece of fabric). It's what I had on hand and it made this project that much simpler to accomplish.


A Vision to Remember's Christmas Stocking Pattern is a great way to use up all those fabric scraps (admit it, sewist- you just *might* have a couple scraps laying around.... ;-). I did not purchase on fabric for this project. That's a super big win for me! Learn a new skill, save fun... #winning! 

I love that I can look at this stocking and remember all the fun past projects that I've sewn up... some holiday pillow wraps out of the Christmas balls, a summer-y dress out of the black and white, a 4th of July outfit for Lil' Miss out of the stars, last year's Christmas dress for Lil' Miss out of the snowflakes.... Sew.Much.Fun!

So, there you have it- a fun, slightly different (for me) sewing project to get you started (or finished) this holiday shopping/making season!! Merry Christmas!!

(BTW, This stocking was the PERFECT size to use as "gift wrap" for a full sized bottle of wine! ;-)


Unknown on December 18, 2015 at 7:02 PM said...

Love it! Glad to have gotten to do this blog tour with you! Can't wait to see what you sew next.

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