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Sewing Pattern Testing- Made for Mermaids- Everyday Princess Collection, Jasmine (as Belle) Dolly and Me

Posted by Heather at Friday, October 09, 2015

Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection- Jasmine (as Belle)

...A whole new world....!"

Did you hear....? That Disney's movie, Aladdin, was re-released to blu-ray and digital copy from the vault, recently? Well, with the re-release of Aladdin, Genie and Jasmine, one of my favorite PDF sewing pattern designers, Made for Mermaids, released their own pattern for "Jasmine."

However, I took my own spin on the pattern and used the "Jasmine" pattern to create the perfect "Belle" (from Beauty and the Beast) for Lil' Miss.

Here are some of the Made for Mermaids Jasmine PDF pattern details;

-The Made for Mermaids Jasmine comes in sizes 1/2-8.
-The Made for Mermaids Jasmine features a sweetheart neckline, hip veil and arm sashes all with the simplicity and ease of a (fitted) peasant dress.
-The Made for Mermaids Jasmine PDF sewing pattern features trimless, layered pattern pieces (ie, only print the size that you need/want and no need to pre-trim the pattern pieces- just match and go! LOVE THAT!!!!).
-The Made for Mermaids Jasmine tutorial includes a sizing chart, fabric requirement chart, cutting chart and tips and tricks along the way to guide you to the perfect dress.
-The Made for Mermaids Jasmine has two bottoms option- pants or dress.
-The Made for Mermaids Jasmine has two bodice options- cropped or full coverage.
-The Made for Mermaids Jasmine tutorial features numbered step-by-step instructions with corresponding photographs.

I sewed up a size six, full coverage, hip veil, optional sashes Jasmine (as Belle) dress with arm sashes. I used simple cotton woven from Wal-Mart for the bodice, "skin" and skirt. I used a sheer material with little sparkles (also purchased at Wal-Mart) for the hip veil. Red rose button was purchase locally from Hobby Lobby.

Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection- Jasmine (as Belle)- Rolled Hem Detail

This was my first time doing a rolled hem with the serger and I've got to be honest- I was a little intimidated. However, the Made for Mermaids Jasmine PDF sewing pattern tutorial walks you through it and holds your hand- you can do it!! (I also found this blog post about rolled hems by LBG Studio helpful, too!) I love a good challenge and I'm so happy that #teammegan pushed me to try a new technique. THANK YOU!! :)

This dress sewed up easily and the instructions were simple to follow. The photographs really helped me understand what I was sewing and what step to take next. I won't lie, though- the Made for Mermaids Jasmine is not necessarily what I would consider a "quick" sew. There's a lot of fabric/layers involved and it takes time and precision to make sure everything lines up, lays smoothly and matches. With the full coverage bodice, there is a bit of "pattern mashing" that also needs to occur. I would consider the Made for Mermaids Jasmine more of an "adventurous beginner" level PDF sewing pattern. The arm sashes can be a bit tricky, but it's totally doable and, trust me, you will LOVE the end results!!

Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection- Jasmine (as Belle)

I love that the Made for Mermaids Jasmine pattern has the "illusion" of a bare midriff without actually having a bare midriff. By mixing "skin" colored solids with patterned/colored fabrics, the Made for Mermaids Jasmine helps you create that princess Jasmine look while helping to keep our little girls modest. I love that and so appreciate that in a little girl's pattern!

Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection- Jasmine (as Belle)- Bodice Detail

Speaking of "skin" colored solids- in my experience in sewing up the Made for Mermaids Jasmine, I found that you may want to cut two bodice overlays (opposed to the one bodice overlay and one cropped bodice lining, as instructed in the tutorial) for maximum opaqueness.

Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection- Jasmine (as Belle)- Back

Lil' Miss LOVES her new Jasmine (as Belle) dress!! She's been begging me for a mama-made Belle Dress for quite some time, now. She told me that she felt quite, "sophisticated" with the arm sashes and she loves the sheer hip veil! As soon as she put on the dress, she was running around and dancing in her new Jasmine (as Belle) dress.

Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection Dolly Jasmine

What makes a new dress even better, though...??!!! Why, a matching dolly dress for Katy's American Girl doll, Samantha, of course!! As with all of Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection PDF sewing patterns, the Jasmine PDF sewing pattern also has a matching Dolly Jasmine (available separately). Samantha looked quite posh in her matching Dolly Jasmine (as Belle) dress! ;-)

Made for Mermaids Everyday Princess Collection- Jasmine (as Belle)

Now, HURRY and sew up your own Jasmine (or, Belle!)! The Made for Mermaids Jasmine pattern would be the perfect base for all those upcoming Halloween costumes... just sayin'... ;-P

(Thank you, Megan and Megan for allowing me to test another beautiful pattern! We love the Made for Mermaids Jasmine!!!)

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to review this pattern for Made for Mermaids. The opinions expressed here are my own."***


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