Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sentence of the Day- Favorite Things

Posted by Heather at Sunday, October 04, 2015
This morning, Katy was coloring in her reading chart (as she is supposed to do every day for Kindergarten). This month's object to color is a pumpkin (you know- October and pumpkins just seem to go together!). She was "accessorizing" her plain ol' pumpkin(a MUST for our Fancy Nancy!) and giving it a face and hair. Ted asked her if she was giving her pumpkin a "toupee." This promptly started a discussion about toupees and wigs.

Then, as Katy was finishing up her pumpkin/toupee masterpiece, she declared, "Toupee is my most favorite word, EVER!!"

Hahahahha- that girl! I love that she loves words and isn't afraid to ask for a definition and use it (properly) in a sentence.

**As a side note, when I was younger, I used to pick words to be my "favorite." Words like "Pedestrian" and "Millennium" (Followed closely by "millennial." ;-). See, I still remember my own, personal "favorite" words....**


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