Friday, April 4, 2014

Sewing Pattern Testing- Amelie Clothing- Reversible Simple Tunic (and Learning to Sew with Knits)

Posted by Heather at Friday, April 04, 2014

I've a got a sewing confession to make... I am scared of knits! Rather, I WAS scared to sew knit fabrics.... not anymore, though!!

Susan, of Amelie Clothing, recently contacted me about an upcoming pattern that she wanted me to test- the Reversible Simple Tunic. I saw that it was made of knits and I immediately wrote back, "Thanks, but no thanks." Susan insisted and I relented- I decided to give knits another try. I am so glad that I did!!

First, I read several articles floating around the internet about how to sew knit fabrics. There are several conflicting ways to go about sewing stretchy materials... twin needles vs. single... walking foot with straight stitch vs. walking foot with stretch stitch... pins vs. no pins.... and you wonder why I was scared to work with knits??

Then, I watched a series of YouTuble videos by the Crafty Gemini. Having a visual of all the intricacies of working with stretchy, knit fabric, really helped me understand how to best approach sewing the Reversible Simple Tunic.

So, I broke out my sewing machine's walking foot for the first time and installed it on my machine. I figured out which stitch setting is for sewing with knits- number 3 on my machine- kind of looks like a lightening bolt. I purchased a ball point needle and set to work. I put together the pattern pieces, cut out my fabric and press the start button.... and I promptly broke my brand new needle.... what luck!

Not to be deterred at my new mission (sewing knit fabrics), I installed a new needle (thank goodness I bought a multi-pack of ball point needles! :-). Turns out, I hadn't properly installed the walking foot and that's why the need broke. Lesson, learned.

At first, I went really, really, really slow. Then, as I built my confidence, I started sewing to my normal speed... and you know what? It's really not that bad. It's really not that scary to sew stretchy, knit fabric.


I might even go as far as to say that it's kind of FUN to sew with knits.... watch out, now! Knits don't ravel, so you don't need to hem them. Knit fabrics are great for making kids clothing (and there are so many cute patterns out there for working with knits- Amelie Clothing- Reversible Simple Tunic, being one of them).

Back to the pattern, though. Amelie Clothing- Reversible Simple Tunic really is simple. It's straight-forward, it's basic and it's a great entry into the world of sewing with knit fabrics. As always, the directions and pictures in the tutorial work well together to help direct and guide you in the creation of the Reversible Simple Tunic.

The end result is a super cute reversible top. I love the fit of the waist and the flowy sleeves of the tunic. Lil' Miss said that it was comfy and she insisted on wearing the tunic to school, the next day.

I am so, so grateful that Susan gave me a little "push," and urged me to try the Amelie Clothing- Reversible Simple Tunic pattern. It was a great first knit project and confidence booster. Thank you, Susan, for your guidance and another wonderful pattern! This one's a keeper, for sure!!

***Disclosure: "I received a free pattern in order to pattern test for Amelie Clothing. The opinions expressed here are my own."***


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