Thursday, March 6, 2014

Four Year Old Well Visit

Posted by Heather at Thursday, March 06, 2014
Katy had her four year old well visit, this past Tuesday. Instead of seeing Dr. Guerriero, like we normally do, Katy requested to see Dr. Houston (another doctor in the practice). We had visited with Dr. Houston for a sick visit back in December, and Katy seemed to really respond to her. So, even though I like Dr. G., it's Katy's doctor and I'll take her to see whomever she is comfortable with.

Katy's current information is as follows:

Height- 40 inches (55%)
Weight- 36.5 pounds (62%)
BMI- 16.04 kg/m2 (the BMI thing was new for us- she've never calculated that, before)

Everything was developmentally on target. There were no real concerns. Katy did take a hearing and eye test and everything was normal there. She did miss hearing one of the sounds, but when the nurse retested her, she caught it.

Katy was really, really good throughout the appointment... until the end when the dreaded shots came around. She got three boosters, this appointment. I choose to postpone the MMR booster till her five year old appointment. This time, she got the Chicken Pox, Polio and Tetanus boosters.

Other than the shots, everything went smoothly and there was nothing of note. Healthy, just the way we like it! :-)


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