Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sentence of the Day- Uh-oh, Pop-Pop!

Posted by Heather at Thursday, February 27, 2014
Katy and I recently spent some time with my parents. My maternal grandmother was also visiting during the same time we were in FL. It's always fun to get four generations together!

One evening, Katy ran up to my mother in the kitchen, with a flashlight in her mouth. She thought it was funny that it looked like her cheeks were "glowing" when the flashlight was turned on and in her mouth. Immediately, my mother told her to take the flashlight out of her mouth- it was dangerous!

Then, Katy ran up to my grandma, in another room, and showed her the same flashlight-in-mouth trick. Once again, Katy was told to take it out- it's dangerous to have a flashlight in one's mouth!

Finally, Katy ran back to the bedroom where I was getting some things together. She showed me her flashlight-in-mouth trick. I immediately told her to take the flashlight out of her mouth- it's dangerous! Germs!

Katy sulked off.

A little later, I found Katy sitting all alone in the bedroom hallway, glum and forlorn. I asked her what was wrong?

With big crocodile tears in her eyes, she replied, "Nobody likes the trick that Pop-Pop showed me how to do!"


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