Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Super Mom!

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best Buds!

Out for a stroll!

Storytime at the Library

Time for a snack!

"On a Dinosaur built for two...."

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I took care of our friends' 10 month old daughter, Kylie, during the day. That means that I had two kids on Monday and Wednesday and three kids to watch on Tuesday (Elizabeth comes on Tuesdays). EEEK!

With the exception of naps (or lack thereof), Katy, Kylie and Elizabeth were pretty well behaved. We had a good time and there were no major meltdowns along the way. Still, I've learned some very important lessons, this week!

-When you have more than one kid it's very easy to forget to eat lunch. I used to wonder how women could "forget" to eat... I mean, I love to eat- how could I forget to do so?!? Between feeding baby food to one, cutting up food for another, dodging  spoonfuls of food flung in the air, cooling down hot food enough for a toddler to consume, making sure everybody has proper drinks, napkins/bibs, age appropriate silverware... when is there TIME for mom to eat?!?

-It is near IMPOSSIBLE to get two children to nap at the SAME time!

-It is also near impossible to have a clean floor when there is more than one child running around. I swept the floor multiple times each day and I still felt crumbs and sticky spots.

-Moms are the ultimate multi-tasker. Moms of more than one are UBER multi-taskers! It's not just talent, it's survival!

-Moms of more than one must possess superpower strength that I am severely lacking in order to get fed, dressed, get out the door, to a destination, on time and in a pleasant mood. Amazing!!

-Moms of more than one must run on adrenaline because it certainly isn't sleep!

Let's just say that after this week, I've got a new-found admiration for moms of more than one (Thanks Mom!)! I've also discovered that the most important lesson I learned this week is that having one is WONDERFUL!! Whew!


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