Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sentence of the Day- Some Common Phrases

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, June 13, 2012
While enjoying a snack together, Katy and her friend, Kylie, were making silly faces at each other and making each other laugh and giggle. Hiccuping because she was laughing so hard, Katy exclaimed, "I cracking!" Katy, Dear, you crack me up!

Here are some other phrases that are commonly said around the house, these days:

-"You Pwomised!" Katy's got a memory like a steal-trap and she'll remind us of every bribe and promised "treat"- lest our old, feeble minds forget.

-"I don't think so!" Katy says this one when she is unconvinced to be persuaded to anything but what SHE wants to do, when SHE wants to do it.

-On the opposite end of the spectrum, "I think so..." Katy says this one sometimes instead of a simple, "Yes." For example, Kylie was crying and I said, "Do you think Kylie needs a bottle?" Katy will reply, "I think so..." almost as if she's thinking about it.

-Our little girl is growing up (and making us laugh along the way)! Sometimes, when Katy is going to the potty, she'll close the door in our face and say, "I need a little privacy."


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