Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Muppet Mania!!

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kermie and the Gang are ready to watch "The Muppets!"
(Yes, that is not one but TWO dressed up Kermits- in Muppet-wear, of course- and a Fozzie Bear you see in the picture!)

"Hi-ho there! Kermit and Katy, here!"
There are Muppet fans and then there is Ted. He is in a league all his own. What he calls a "passionate interest," others (aka psychologists, doctors, experts, etc.) would label as an obsession, mania, fixation (you get the picture ;-P). That being said, when the new movie, The Muppets were released on DVD, yesterday, guess who was bouncing off the walls with excitement?!?

After a wild goose chase to track down the special Wocka, Wocka Value Pack (using a coupon and getting a good deal, of course!), we made a special family movie night of it, last night. This was the first time Katy had seen any Muppet movie from start to finish and Walter- er, I mean Ted- was excited to share it with her. She's seen Fraggles and Muppet shows and movie clips, but never a full-length feature film. Katy, like her father, was enthralled with the new movie! She sat through most of the movie without a fuss and she was singing and dancing her way through the film. 

She may not look like Ted, but she is most certainly, without a doubt, her Daddy's daughter with her "passionate interest" in all things Muppet!! 


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