Monday, March 12, 2012

Going Shopping!

Posted by Heather at Monday, March 12, 2012
For Lil' Miss Katy, socks and shoes are synonymous with going out- going to the park, going shopping and going outside. If we're not doing any of these activities, in Katy's mind, there is no need to put on shoes or socks.

This morning, while attempting to wrestle some socks onto Katy's chilly tootsies, our verbal exchange went as follows;

Katy, "Shopping, Mommy?"

Me, "No, baby, I'm just trying to keep your feet warm."

Katy, "Target?"

Me, "No, Katy, you need to get dressed for the day and wear your socks."

Katy, "Park?"

Me (slightly annoyed), "No, Katy, please just put your socks on."

Katy then proceeds to point to my "naked" left wrist- the one that usually sports a watch- and say, "Watch?"

Me (slightly confused as to why we are changing topics but relieved that Katy is no longer fighting me to put on her socks), "No, Mommy's watch is broken and I haven't gotten a new one, yet."

Katy then happily replies, "Then shopping for watch!" and quickly jumps off her seat in search of shoes.

Ahhh... what logic going on in that little brain of hers!! :-)


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