Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Night shift

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To those who know us best, it is no secret that Katy is not a very good sleeper. NOT. AT. ALL.

We go to great lengths to get Katy to sleep, stay asleep and try to catch some "ZZzzzz's" ourselves. Oh, the things that I said I would NEVER do with my own child- co-sleeping was pretty high on that list- that was until Katy-I'm-A-Terrible-Sleeper came along. Not only does Katy not stay asleep, but she is also a very restless sleeper- tossing and turning every which way- sometimes while sleeping, other times while crying and saying, "Mama!" While we've gotten away from full-on co-sleeping, we do still spend our fair share of the PM getting Katy to fall sleep and stay asleep throughout the nocturnal hours.

When I saw this picture online, I have to admit that I LAUGHED OUT LOUD! Seeing it now still makes me laugh. Of course, this is only funny to those who have been there before. Fact is definitely funnier than fiction...!


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