Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Miss Priss

Posted by Heather at Friday, January 27, 2012
Daddy's degree in college might have been illustration, but I don't believe that Katy will be following in his painterly footsteps anytime too soon. Today, I *attempted* to get Katy to work on a Valentine's arts and crafts projects using red paint and she did not want anything to do with sticking her hand or foot into the paint.

Not. At. ALL!

As soon as she saw the paint and realized that I was trying to stick her hand in the paint she started exclaiming, "Wipe! Wipe! Dirty! Dirty! Cleanit!" She was crying and wailing the whole time I tried to get her hand print onto paper. Katy just likes to be clean and truly does not like to get her hand dirty- such a little girly-girl!

Forget about trying to do footprints- Katy wanted none of that! She was hollering and crying and wailing and kicking and thrashing around as I tried to somehow attempt to finish the craft. You would seriously have thought something was majorly wrong with Katy with the way she was carrying on! Needless to say, we had to improvise WITHOUT footprints.

As soon as we were done and Katy saw me cleaning up, she dragged me to the stairs that lead to the upstairs bathroom, pointed and said, "Bath water!" (as in, she wanted to take a bath).

I really wish I could have gotten a photo of Katy's pathetic little face but I was too busy consoling her (and making sure that paint didn't go EVERYWHERE with her thrashing)- priceless!


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