Saturday, November 12, 2011

Showing Remorse

Posted by Heather at Saturday, November 12, 2011
This afternoon, Katy requested milk for lunch. In a "big girl" cup. Without a lid.

You can imagine what happened- Katy took her first "sip" and got drenched in milk. There was milk EVERYWHERE! We had to quickly strip her down to her pull-up and clean up the mess. Of course, Daddy and I were more than a little upset with the mess and Katy could tell that we were not happy. She started crying (talk about crying over spilled milk!) big crocodile tears which eventually gave way to hiccups and gulps. Once Katy finally got to the point where she could talk she said, "Sorry, Mama!" (for spilling the milk).

This was the first time that Katy has verbally shown remorse for her actions. I found this to be very interesting and a definite development advancement- Katy was showing remorse over her actions and was telling us that she was sorry about it. Remorse, sorrow, asking for forgiveness- very interesting... Of course, after Katy apologized so sweetly, we soon forgot the spill! As we always say, "It's a good thing (that) you're cute, Katy!"


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