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Summer Vacation, Part Deux- Week with Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey

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"Waaah! Are we there, yet?!"

Katy terrorizing Pebbles.

Katy, multi-tasking

Into Grandma's Jewelry!

Girlie, girl!

Katy, after our fun week in Myrtle Beach, you and I went home to Florida with Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey for the second part of our summer vacation. What is typically a seven and a half hour drive sans baby turned into nine hours with you, Katy. You did really well with the long car ride, in general- it's just that we had to stop several times to stretch our legs and let you get some of that pent-up toddler energy out! As a side note, the only place that it rained while driving was in Jacksonville. I'm just saying...

Pop-Pop Tinkey was the guest preacher at College Park Presbyterian Church. So, we went along with him to hear him preach. You weren't too happy with us when we put you in the nursery, Katy. Grandma Tinkey had to sit with you for a little bit before you would stop clinging to her and quivering your lower lip in protest of being left. When I came to pick you up from the nursery, I was told that you did pretty well and that you liked when the teachers played music. They said that you danced and twirled to the music but every time the door opened, you would start crying because you were expecting me. Such a mama's girl!

Uncle Jeff, Aunt Lee and Katy

Playing catch with Lexi

After church, we went over to Uncle Jeff and Aunt Lee's for lunch. You fell asleep on the way home from church but woke up mid-drive and you let us know that you were not happy! You wailed and cried pretty much the whole way to Uncle Jeff's house. I think it was just so many changes in a short amount of time that had you all out of sorts- beach, long drive, grandparents' house, different church with different people, more driving, etc. Once we got to the Tinkey's, all distress was forgotten as you saw their two dogs. You love, love, love puppies, Katy! You really enjoyed playing ball with Lexi, the dog, in the pool. While we were enjoying a delicious meal prepared by Aunt Lee, you kept insisting on going into the "bubbles" (your word for all things water- ocean, pool, fountain- are all called "bubbles."). You were not happy when a quick storm prevented you from taking a dive into the pool.

Babs entertains Katy

Monday night, we joined Grandma at her Circle Meeting at Winter Park Presbyterian Church. You were quite a hit with the ladies, especially my former youth minister, Barbara "Babs" Sayles. You had poor Babs running around chasing you all evening while I got to enjoy dinner AND dessert in peace.Katy with David

Katy with the O'Donnells

Most of the week in Florida was spent relaxing and meeting up with friends. We got to see my friend David Smith Tuesday morning. You loved playing with David and he was a good sport in indulging your toddler play. I finally got to meet my friend, Dan O'Donnell's wife, Johanna, Tuesday night. The O'Donnells came over to the house to meet you, Katy, and then just the adults went out to eat and catch up. It was good to see my friends and get up to date on each other's lives. David Smith made the comment that I've known him half of my life- can you believe that?? That makes me sound old but its so good to have friends that have known you that long.

We took walks on the Cady Way Trail, playing with all of the toys Grandma and Pop-Pop have accumulated at their house, swimming in their pool, discovering a nearby park. Most of all, you enjoyed playing with puppy. At first you were a little scared of Pebbles but it didn't take you long to get over your fears and start terrorizing Pebbles all throughout the house. Every morning the first words out of your mouth were, "Puppy?" as you went looking for him. You loved to try and pull Pebbles' tail and I even caught you trying to crawl into his dog bed with him. You even said a simple sentence in reference to Pebbles, "Puppy sleeping."

We had a busy Friday! First, we went downtown Winter Park for a little shopping. Then, we visited Pop-Pop at the Towers where you were once again, the talk of the town. You were running around, exploring and making all of the older people smile as they watched your antics (and your harried mother trying to chase after you!).

Then, we met up with Becky, Abby and Jacob Pate at Monkey Joe's. It was great to meet little Jacob, catch up with dear friends and for you, Katy, you LOVED bouncing on all of the inflatables. I'm convinced that Monkey Joe's is like childhood nirvana. After our whirlwind morning, you were wiped out and took a nice, long nap once we got home.

Pop-Pop was on duty Friday night as Grandma and I went out to the movies. We saw the movie, The Help. Both of us had read the book so we were excited to see the movie. The movie was worth all the rave reviews and stayed pretty true to plot. We ended up getting home a little later than originally planned, so by the time we got home, you were a bit grumpy with me and very ready for bed. Pop-Pop had you swimming, laughing, out for a walk, playing with Pebbles- he even fed you dinner, snack and gave you a bath while we were out.

Winter Park Farmer's Market

Flying high!

Saturday morning we went to the Winter Park Farmer's Market and then spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing.

Our flight left Orlando a little late because we didn't have a crew to fly the plane that was just sitting at our gate. We ended up with a whole row to ourselves, so it was nice to let you get down and play and "roam" (or as much as one can roam in 20"). There was a little girl about 10 months, sitting in the seat behind us and the two of you kept each other entertained the whole flight. Daddy was right on time to pick us up from the airport and other than my mishap of leaving my cell phone in the bathroom behind the security line, we arrived home (late) safe and sound.


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