Saturday, June 4, 2011

One, Two, Three!

Posted by Heather at Saturday, June 04, 2011
One day, when you grow up, Katy, maybe you'll be an accountant. I say this because the last couple of days you've been counting to the number three. Granted, this isn't very high on the numerical chart, but this is a pretty high number when you are only 15 months old!

The first time you counted to three was last weekend when Auntie Hope and Uncle Eric were here. They heard you say, "Tree!" after Daddy said, "One, two..." So, they are our witnesses- it wasn't just us- neurotic, proud parents that we are- that heard you say, "Three!". Later in the week, I pulled out the number flash cards that your Aunt Megan and Uncle Jason got you for Christmas (or, was it birthday?) and after I pulled out the number one card, number two card, you picked up and handed me the number three card! Then, later in the week, while you were eating your new-favorite snack of veggie sticks, Daddy asked, "Katy, how many sticks do you have in your hand?" and you answered, "Tree!" You also responded, "Two!" when you had only two sticks in your hand.

Or, maybe you'll be a business major like your Uncle Josh. Who knows?


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