Friday, June 24, 2011

Learning to Speak Katy

Posted by Heather at Friday, June 24, 2011
Right now, you are 16 months old and your vocabulary is expanding. To date, you can say the following words:

-Ah Done (All Done)
-Ah Gone (All Done)
-Uh Oh
-Yum, yum
-Wawa (Water)
-Tree (Three)
-Spoo (Spoon)
-Nos (Nose)
-E (Eye )
-Er (Ear)
-Toos (Tootsies)
-Tee (Teeth)
-Peas (Please)
-Yogo (Yogurt)
-Shir (Shirt)
-Shoe (s)
-Maaaaaeeee (Molly)
-Gaas (Glasses)
-Booberry (Blueberry)
-No, no!
-Puppy (also, Ruff, ruff!)
-Gack, Gack (Quack, Quack!)
-Moo (For cow)
-Choo, choo! (For Train)
-Chee (Cheese)
-Ba (Bath or Ball- depends on the context)
-Coocoo (Cookie and/or Cookie Monster)
-BooBoo (Boober Fraggle)
-Baggle (Fraggle)
-Hi ho! (For Frog)
-Big Bir (Big Bird)
-Bapa (Grandpa Jones)

I'm sure that there are more words (and I will add as I think of them) but that is all I can think of for now. In any case, you certainly let us know what you want!


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