Saturday, January 15, 2011

Maniacal Laugh

Posted by Heather at Saturday, January 15, 2011
Within the last several days, you've come up with this maniacal laugh that has Daddy and I laughing ourselves! The laugh sounds like this deep-throated "hahahaha." We are never close enough to the video camera to capture it on video, but we will keep trying. When you laugh it seems like you are going to tap your fingers together in front of you, throw back your head and conquer the world. What makes the laugh even funnier is the timing of your laugh.

Daddy, "Katy, you don't want to go into the ball pit- I just cleaned it and you need to let it dry."
Katy (maniacal laugh), "Hahahahaha!" as she crawls into the ball pit.

Mommy, "Katy, let's eat our veggies!"
Katy (maniacal laugh), "Hahahahaha! That's what you think!" as she shakes her head no!


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