Thursday, January 27, 2011

49th Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, January 27, 2011
Playtime and Fun time with Elizabeth!

Katy, catching up on current events.

KG in the House!

Notice the LACK of covers on the outlets behind Little Miss Smarty Pants.

Today you are 49 weeks old, Katy!

We did a lot of playing and exploring, this week- including figuring out how to take the electrical outlet covers off of the outlets. So far, when it comes to childproofing, you've been able to outsmart us with the kitchen cabinets and now the outlet covers. I think we are in trouble. Either that, or we just have a little genius on our hands. ;-P

You continued to be a good eater, this week. You've been eating regular meals with us and showing distinct preferences and dislikes for certain foods. You let us know by shaking your head, "No" if you don't want to eat a particular food. We've been trying to bump up your veggie intake, though I have to admit that you like your sweeter fruits, better. This doesn't entirely surprise me since I ate a lot of fruit when I was pregnant with you (Daddy took a lot of runs to BJs for cut up fruit when I was pregnant and that was the ONLY thing that I wanted to eat.) Plus, fruit is sweet and you do have a bit of a sweet tooth, Katy!

You've added the words, "Me" and "My" to your vocabulary, this week. You've been quite the chatty girl- babbling and "talking" to your other toys, to Daddy and I- we just haven't figured out what you are saying, yet. I don't know if every baby talks this much, but I have a feeling that you are going to have lots to say once you figure out more words and how to put them together into sentences!

Speaking of talking, there were several times this week where you even talked in your sleep! One night, you put your arm up and said, "Ah Da, Dada!" and then put your arm down. Your eyes were closed and you continued to sleep. I guess you were having a dream?

You've been all girl, this week, Katy! You've really enjoyed playing with your baby doll and Elizabeth's doll, also named Katy. You've also enjoyed playing with my purses (and I have a lot of them!) There were even times where you didn't want to give up holding the purses so we would hear you crawling down the hall with the purses 'thunking' along with you. Funny how you don't have to teach a girl about dolls and purses- it's kind of like this intuitive instinct, already built in at this young age!

I've been busy this week drafting from home with a job from my previous employer. It makes for hectic days and really busy nights but it's nice to be able to still stay home with you, Katy, AND make a little extra money in my field. Truly, a blessing.


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