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Sunshine-y Day (cont. Including 35th Week Birthday)

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, October 20, 2010
"Hmmm... what kind of trouble can I get into before we board the plane?!"

"Weee... I'm having so much fun with Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey!"

Taking a dip in the pool

Sunny Smiles

Bread in one hand, cookie in the other- double fisting it.

"Mommy, I'm ready for my close-up!"

Katy, the next great pianist?

Pebbles, in search of any food that Katy dropped from dinner.
Central Park Fountain, Winter Park, FL

Watching the fishies

Katy having fun in Grandma and Pop-Pop's exersaucer
(Secretly, I think you liked this one better than your own because you could spin around in it easier)

We had a very nice, relaxing trip to Winter Park, this last week (October 11-18, 2010). Katy, you were very good for both the flight there and back (I admit, I was a little concerned after our last flight back from Philly).

Once word got around that you were in town, everybody wanted to come by and see you, Katy! We were visited by Sue Ru, Paige Mercer, Dana Irwin, Becky and Abby Pate, Barbara Sayles, Christa Petruzzi and The Meyers. Not to mention that we also saw various friends at Winter Park Presbyterian church picnic, Winter Park Towers and Lake George Elementary School. Katy, you are a mini celebrity (as long as it doesn't go to your head, baby!)! It was so good to catch up and see friends! I especially enjoyed getting to catch up with Becky while you pulled at Abby's hair (she wasn't so fond of that) and played.
Probably one of your favorite parts of the visit, Katy, was getting to see Grandma and Pop-Pop Tinkey's dog, Pebbles. You liked to crawl after Pebbles and you would often squeal to get his attention. The affection must be mutual because Pebbles even let you tug at his ears without so much as flinching.

Grandma was off work on Friday, so we spent a girls day at Waterford Lakes- shopping and enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. While we were out, you picked out a green dress that Grandma got you (you also got a pink dress). You were very good for the entire outing, falling asleep on the way home.

On Saturday, we were Methodist for the day and we attended the Methodist Church's 125th anniversary at Downtown Winter Park. There were free hot dogs, popcorn, music and activities for the kiddies. Later in the day, Pop-Pop babysat while Grandma and I went to the movies to see Julie Roberts in Eat Pray Love.

This past week, you improved your waving skills- managing to instinctively wave more to people and faces. I even caught you waving to Grandma and Pop-Pop's desktop picture of cousin Molly- too cute!!

Also, this past week you said, "Baaa" on a regular basis. While it doesn't really seem like you associate that sound with anything in particular, it is one of your happy sounds and you like to say it to books, food, people- whomever will listen to you.

You did a little cruising along the furniture, this week, Katy. You are getting more sure of yourself while standing. Sometimes, you even hold onto the piece of furniture steadying you with one hand only.

Grandma and Pop-Pop got to witness the fact that you do not seem to like bananas. Every time I tried to feed it to you, you would scrunch up your face and purse your lips. So, I guess in this case, the apple (or banana) does not fall far from the tree... hee, hee...

On the flip side, Katy, you LOVE, love, LOVE ice cream and rice- I take full responsibility for that! When we went to Jeremiah's on Saturday afternoon you were already smacking your lips for a taste of ice cream before Grandma got the spoon to your mouth! We had the pumpkin pie flavor- it was very yummy and tasted just like the real thing!

On Sunday, we went to Northland for Sunday service. We put you in the nursery (what a nice set-up they have!!) and you were very good, according to the nursery worker. The only comment the volunteer made was that you were very, very squirmy when changing your diaper.

Speaking of squirmy, you ARE VERY squirmy when changing your diaper. Currently, we have to change your diaper on the floor because you wiggle and move so much when we change your diaper. Sometimes, it feels like we do a lot of chasing that tushy while attempting to change your diaper or clothes.

Also on the topic of diapers, you figured out how to take off your diaper, this week. While I was taking a quick two-second shower and you were playing right outside of the bathroom, you managed to pull off your diaper. When I got out of the shower and looked at you in your birthday suit, you just looked up at me and smiled.

Grandma took over bathtime, each night that we were in Winter Park. You had lots of fun splashing and talking very loudly so that you could hear your echo in the bathroom.

After Northland, we went to Winter Park Presbyterian Church for their church picnic. You were very social with everybody, basking in the extra attention. While I ate lunch in peace, you were passed around to lots of willing arms. There was a little bounce house for little babies and we put you in it (separate blog post). You loved it- playing and exploring. You didn't want to get out!

On our way to the airport on Monday, we stopped by Grandma's school, Lake George elementary school. You got to met various teachers and students during our quick visit.
Of course, Grandma and Pop-Pop were sad to see us go, but at least we'll get to see Grandma next month when she drives to PA/NJ with us.

All in all, it was a good visit to FL. :-)


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