Thursday, October 28, 2010

36th Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, October 28, 2010
36 Weeks, October 23, 2010

Best buds with Cecilia Keys

Disco Baby

This is why I don't get anything accomplished during the day...

Helping Mommy pack up clothes for cousin Molly

Cookie Monster!

Today, you are 36 weeks old, Katy!

Your biggest milestone of the past week is that you cut your very first tooth (separate blog post)! Pretty soon, you'll be eating all table food with those little chompers. Selfishly, I'm sad to see this milestone past as it means our baby is growing up (too fast!)!!

We went to the doctor's office, this week, and we were told that you have thrush, a yeast infection and a staph infection (separate blog post). Since I am nursing you, the thrush was passed onto me- very, very painful!! We are now in the midst of clearing things up and cleaning/sterilizing everything so we don't have a repeat occurrence.

Your balance is improving, Katy. Not only are you climbing stairs (separate blog post), but you have learned to squat on your hindquarters instead of falling flat on your bottom. I've even caught you standing without holding onto anything for mere milliseconds. You'll be walking before we know it and then Daddy and I will REALLY be in trouble!!

You continue to babble, smile and interact with your environment. Each day, you get a better understanding of your world. Your crawling is much faster, now, we are constantly chasing after you. There is always something new to baby proof- so much so, that the one cashier from Babies R Us has started to recognize us when we walk in the door. This week, we locked the toilets. Next week, perhaps a baby play yard...


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