Thursday, September 30, 2010

32nd Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the move!

Close up! (Katy is getting to be more and more curious about the camera as I take pictures.)

Today, you are 32 weeks old, Katy!!

This week, you continue to teeth. Plus, you seem to have caught a little cold rendering you a coughing, sneezing, sleepless mess. All things considered, though, you are still in pretty good spirits. We are just trying to keep you comfortable by taking care of the symptoms (not much we can give you or do for the cold or teething itself). Of course, Daddy and I are tired.

Daddy and I have been taking night time shifts with you. He takes the first shift and I take the last shift. This way (in theory), we each get some consecutive sleep- maybe only two or three hours at a time but, hey, sleep is sleep!

You are crawling all over the place! You have started to hold toys in your hand WHILE you crawl. This can be quite comical as you try to figure out how to hold something AND crawl at the same time!

I caught you trying to CLIMB up on my step stool, the other day, Katy! You can already stand up holding onto objects but this time, you were trying to lift your leg to get onto the step part of the stool! You are a little monkey!!


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