Thursday, August 26, 2010

27th Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, August 26, 2010
27 Weeks, August 22, 2010

Today, you are 27 weeks old, Katy!

You are babbling and mimicking sounds more and more, on a regular basis. You love to talk to the wall, the table, the lamp, the other little kiddies at daycare- whoever will listen. You even talk louder if the person you are talking to walks away or leaves the room.

On a regular basis, you are getting up on all fours and rocking back and fourth. You even did a little two-step "crawling" the other night while reaching for my hair clip. I wouldn't call what you do full-on crawling but you are oh, so close!! Every night, we put an object of interest in front of you in the hopes that you will try to reach, crawl, scoot towards it.

Tonight, you just started putting out your hand and opening and closing it. It kind of looks like a backwards wave, or "gimme."

You didn't sleep terribly well, this week- at daycare or at home. That means that Daddy and I didn't get much sleep, either. You had a bit of a stuffy nose but no other symptoms of a cold. We aren't sure if it's a side effect of teething, or not. Last night, though, you did sleep through the night- heaven!

We introduced you to yogurt, this week (separate blog post). You seem to enjoy it. This coming week, we plan to start you on carrots.

We spent all of last weekend trying to childproof the house. We already had the outlet covers and door knob covers in place. This time, we did all of the cabinet doors, medicine cabinet, etc. I'm sure there are things that you will find, Katy, when we aren't looking, but for now, we're off to a good start.


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