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25 Weeks Birthday

Posted by Heather at Wednesday, August 11, 2010
25 Weeks Old, August 12, 2010
Family Portrait, August 8, 2020

Smooshie Face!

Today you are 25 weeks old, Katy!

You are sitting up and using your core muscles. You can move yourself from a side/back position into a sitting pose. You still wobble a little, Katy, but you are starting to really get the hang of sitting upright by yourself, without support!

After a week of being spoiled by your Grandparents Jones, you are back at King's Keep. You've been napping slightly better so we are happy with that. All of the little kiddies in your class are growing up!

You continue to be a good eater, regularly eating all of your rice cereal, fruit and veggies, each day. We continue to offer you a sippy cup of water each evening to get you used to the concept of drinking from a cup. For now, you mostly like to chew on the spout.

After what seems to be weeks of drooling and teething, we can finally see a little white bump in your mouth where your first tooth is starting to come in. Putting everything you can get your little hands and chomping on it still seems to be the game du jour.

Currently, you seem very interested in patterns and bright colors. You will stop what you are playing with in order to look at Daddy's bright shirt or Mommy's patterned blouse. Maybe we have a little artist on our hands? ;-P

Or, maybe you will follow in the steps of your Grandpa Jones and be an engineer? More than once your grandparents caught you eyeing the lamp electrical cords! You seem very inquisitive and interested in learning how things work and move. You will study a toy for a long (in baby time) and try to "figure" it out. Grandma and Grandpa Jones got you some new toys, last week and you managed to figure out how to stop the spinning top and move the dial on your Busy box after just a few demonstrations.

Tuesday night, I went to our friends house, the Batys, to pick up two large tubs of clothes for you, Katy! Your wardrobe is set! Little girls certainly have the clothes!

You are starting to understand that if something is partially hidden, it isn't necessarily "gone." If a toy drops, you look down and try to find it. If a toy is hidden by a blanket, you know to look under the blanket for the toy.

In preparation for when you are fully mobile (and we are in trouble!) we got a child safety lock for the kitchen sink cabinet. We already had the outlet plugs and door covers in place before you were born. The gate at the top of the stairs is ready to go for when we need it. Sometimes, though, all of the child safety locks frustrate me when trying to quickly open a cabinet or door!


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