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**Disclaimer-I received a gift card for free from the sponsor, MomSelect and the manufacturer. At Home Stores. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of MomSelect and the manufacturer. At Home.**

Mason Jar Gifts

Decorative Pillows

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is in FULL swing!! As any busy family knows, holidays also mean gift giving- teacher gifts, after school care gifts, mail carrier gifts, neighbor gifts, hostess gifts.... Just a little something to show those special helpers in your (or your child's) life that you care and appreciate them! At Home Stores is a veritable treasure trove of all things holiday, home and organization! #MyReason #AtHomeStores

I started out with a set of four Mason Jar Glasses (found in the glassware section of At Home Stores). I loved the fact that the Mason Jar Glasses included a chalkboard label on each glass- a great way to personalize your gift!

My first Mason Jar gift idea was to create "Southern Wine Glasses." I found some small glass candle stick holders (located in the candle section of At Home Stores). Then, I had my husband epoxy the candle stick holders to the bottom of two of the Mason Jar Glasses. After letting the glasses dry overnight, I filled them with jingle bells and personalized the labels. Pair the "Southern Wine Glasses" with a bottle of wine (or, beverage of your choice) and you've got a great hostess gift!

Start out with this....

...and end up with this...!

Southern Wine Glasses

Since I was only able to find two small glass candle stick holders and I had a set of four Mason Jar Glasses, I wanted to find a special way to gift the remaining two Mason Jar Glasses. While waiting in line to check out, I saw some bags of Lindor Chocolate Truffles. So, I grabbed a couple bags of truffles and filled the remaining two Mason Jar Glasses with Lindor Chocolate Truffles. I plan to personalize the labels and add a festive ribbon- tada!- a perfect gift to give a neighbor!

Neighbor Gift

Now, because I love my sewing machine (as most regular readers of All Things Katy already know;-), I also wanted to find a quick and easy way to gift something (semi) sewn. I found this set of four burlap holiday place mats for $14.99 (located in the holiday linens aisle) and I knew they'd make cute decorative pillows.

Holiday Place mats

I already had some soft polyfil leftover from a previous project, but At Home Stores also sells bags of polyfil.

Once I got the place mats home, I flipped (one at a time) them over and located the seam at one of the bottom corners.

Then, I used my trusty seam ripper and ripped out a couple of inches of seam. By doing so, I created a empty pocket between the muslin backing and the burlap place mat front.

Next, I filled the place mat will polyfil. I filled the place mat pretty full, but still soft enough to get under my sewing machine presser foot and needle. After filling the place mat, I stitched the opening closed with my sewing machine. 

Voila! (Almost) Instant, perfect decorative pillows out of burlap Holiday Place mats from At Home Stores! I loved these pillows so much that I just *might* keep them for myself! Heehee!

Burlap Holiday Place mats turned Decorative Pilllow from At Home Stores

#MyReason to decorate and give to others this this holiday season? It's simple; I want to help create memories with my family and give those that have touched my life a tangible expression of my gratitude. Merry Christmas!


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