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First Day of Kindergarten- The Sappy Version

Posted by Heather at Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten, August 27, 2015

Today was Katy's first day of kindergarten. It was her first "real" day of school adventures, memories and the start of a lifetime filled with learning.

It was her first day- the precipice of something new and (hopefully!) exciting! She was so confident and excited boarding the big, yellow school bus- just like a big kid! The world is her stage and she is ready to charge full-speed ahead!

She is ready; So ready! She is so smart and so perceptive! Her mind is hungry and fertile for learning. Her vocabulary, alone, rivals that of some adults- truly! I cannot wait to see and bear witness to all of the growth and development that will most-assuredly occur over the course of the next ten months.

Today was  my first day, too, though. You see, it was my first day of the beginning of learning to let go.... Of giving up complete control and handing her off to multiple capable hands.... Of depending on others for the fate of my daughter- our one precious possession that was never really our's to keep in the first place... Faces and names that I have not yet met, let alone carefully screened, observed and/or observed..! All in the name of creating a whole village of learning. Life lessons, book learning and everything in between.

Five and a half short years- gone in the blink of an eye! Yet, so much pure, raw love, effort, sacrifice and HARD WORK to get us to this point in time. Oh, those long, sleepless nights...! Lost sleep is just the beginning, though... I fear- nay, I'm am SURE!- that there will be more sleepless nights in the future as Katy grows up and hits each tangible and intangible milestone. Her first sleepover, learning to drive, first date, first heartbreak, college and God willing, marriage, babies and more!!

Five and a half short years to pump everything possible into our little girl to make sure that she is ready to meet and greet the big, wide world. A world that isn't always kind. A world that isn't always nice. A world that may teach my child about subjects that I may not necessarily want her delving into (right now- or ever!). A world that doesn't always make sense- even to my adult self, let alone a child!

Five and a half years short years to be her first and primary teacher. Manners, social graces, playing nicely with others... Respect and kindness... Letters, colors, numbers and words.... Books, books, books and more books....! Teach them young. Be consistent. Teach your child your family's values, or the world will do it for you.

Five and a half years to go from helpless infant to strong, confidant Kindergartener; ready to meet the challenges ahead! What if she struggles to fully understand an academic concept? What about bullies? How will she handle the long school days? Homework- how will I deal with homework in our seemingly, already full schedule?

Five and a half years and she still seems like a baby to me. In fact, she is my baby. She seems so small, surrounded by those older, rowdier children. She seems so young, and so immature when compared to those around her, pushing, scrambling and racing around the playground...

Five and a half years and a million and one emotions tumbling around inside me. Blogger Mama by the Bay says it best in here post,  "Dear New Kindergarten Mom."

Look out, World, here comes our beautiful, kind, intelligent, strong Katy Grace!!

May she be mighty and kind, empathetic and perceptive.

May she be hungry for knowledge, and thirsty for more. More trips to the library and less trips down the road of doubt and worry. Never be afraid to learn more (New subject, New concept, New hairstyles or trends).

May she be strong enough to stand up for what she believes, yet intuitive enough to know when to back down. There is a time and a place to be right. There is also a time and a place to be kind and graceful.

May she feel loved and be love. May she be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who need it most. May she never forget or lose sight of what is important. Faith is important. Love is important. Always.

May she always know that her father and I will always have her back. Also, know that we will never stop worrying and loving her. Late nights, difficult days...

May she know how and when to laugh, but also appreciate a good cry (and a pint of Ben and Jerry' s.)

May she have a reason to get dressed up and feel beautiful both inside and out. Beautiful for who she is, not what the world dictates. Yet, still not be afraid to get her hands dirty- To work with her hands, to create beauty and see the beauty in the world around her.

May she ask more of herself and more of those around her. She is worth it.

May she not be afraid to say, "No." May she not hesitate to say, "Yes!" Yes to opportunity, yes to friendship, fellowship and love.

May she savor life to it's fullest and not shy away from what is hard (hard to do, hard to say, hard to be and become.)

May she remember where she came from- that she will always be our little girl. May she be hopeful and expectant of her future. Work for it, Girlie- it's your's for the taking!

Happy, excited, sad, hopeful and afraid.... Today marks the beginning of our family's next chapter in life.

 First day of Kindergarten, August 27, 2015


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