Monday, August 4, 2014

Short Cut

Posted by Heather at Monday, August 04, 2014
Welp. It was bound to happen. Every kid does it. My sister famously did it weeks before my uncle's wedding, when we were younger.

Katy gave herself a haircut. Or, as she refers to it, a "short cut."

I was sewing and Katy was playing right next to me. I had given her some scissors and paper to cut out and she was using some of my fabric scraps to "sew." I was busy at the sewing machine and I didn't actually see her cut her hair.

Then, later, I was exercising and I noticed a lone lock of hair sitting in the middle of our near-empty dining room floor (on top of the cream colored carpet. Dark hair, light carpet. It was pretty obvious.) Now, at first I was confused because Katy and I have almost the same color hair. Quickly, it dawned on me what had happened- Katy had giving her hair a snip.

With the incriminating evidence in my hand, I asked Katy what she had done. Sheepishly, she honestly told me that she had cut her hair. I asked her to show me from where on her head did she cut. She pointed. I looked. The snippet was maybe an inch to two inches long. The damage really was quite minimal.

We had overnight guests, that night, and I didn't get a chance to tell Ted about the haircutting incident until later.

The next morning, after our guests had left, Ted sat Katy down to talk to her cutting her hair. He started out by saying, "Mommy tells me that you cut your hair...."

Katy interrupted, "Well, I didn't cut it TODAY...."




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