Sunday, June 22, 2014

Master Gardener

Posted by Heather at Sunday, June 22, 2014
"Katy, Katy, quite contrary,"


"How does your garden grow?"

"...With silver bells, and cockle shells,"

"And pretty maids all in a row."

Garden harvest salad- Katy ate the whole salad!

Lil' Miss quite literally grew these green beans from seeds that she planted in a Preschool springtime activity. While I'm a self-proclaimed "black thumb," Katy, on the other hand, most definitely has a green one! What came home as a paper cup full of dirt back in April, has quite literally yielded a harvest of beans! With the help of Ted, Katy has meticulously cared for and watered these little sprouts throughout the summer. She was SOOO excited to finally be able to pick the matured vegetable, the other day. 

On the day that she picked the first handful of beans, Katy insisted on eating a salad for lunch. She then proceeded to eat every bite of beans, homegrown tomatoes (and other salad goodies, such as spinach, croutons, cheese, basil and the always-present mound of onions! ;-). Pretty good for our seemingly veg-o-phobe! One sure-fire way to get your child to eat more veg? Get them involved and help them grow a garden!



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