Friday, July 5, 2013

Tie-Dye Color Theory

Posted by Heather at Friday, July 05, 2013

Tie-Dye Fun!

Katy had the opportunity to do some patriotic tie-dye with some friends on the third. But, because nothing can ever be that simple, I decided to have Lil' Miss tie-dye an adult large shirt so that I could later make it into a dress. Katy has started to amass quite a collection of tie-dye shirts, so I thought that it'd be fun to change things up a bit and make a dress, instead.

White t-shirt + red dye + blue dye = Patriotic. 

HOWEVER... when we got home and the shirt had set for the allotted amount of time and I unwrapped it, we ended up with more of a PURPLE tie-dye, instead. Red and blue make purple- every good artist knows that! (I guess we got a little too vigorous in our dying and let the colors blend together).

No worries, though, the shirt still turned out cute and I was able to make a fun, summery dress for Katy to wear. Plus, I made it so that when she grows up, all I need to do is remove the shoulder straps and -voila!- she has a cute tie-dye skirt! :-)


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