Friday, June 14, 2013

Stormy Weather

Posted by Heather at Friday, June 14, 2013


Bad day to be a tree...

Anybody need firewood?

A bad storm ripped through town, last night. I was in the midst of cooking dinner, waiting for Ted to get home from work, when all of a sudden, the sky turned black and it started pouring. I looked out the window (to the back yard) only to see one of our patio chairs fly into the potted herb garden and the tree branches flying horizontal to the ground. Yikes! (I later read that 70mph winds ripped through the area, causing widespread power outages and many downed trees).

Then, I heard a funny sound from the front yard and I went to investigate. It was a very large  limb from the tree in our front yard falling into the street (effectively blocking the road). Of course, at this point, it was still pretty bad weather-wise (thunder, rain, lightening), so there was no way I was going out in that storm to try and attempt to move it from the street to the yard! (Not that I could have really done much since it was a very large branch- pretty much half of the tree!)

After Ted got home and after the storm had subsided, a group of about eight of our male neighbors went from house to house helping each other clear the tree limbs from off of houses, cars and the street. Our poor neighbors across the street were on vacation and their tree fell onto their next door neighbor's house.

When I walked outside after the storm and looked down our street, it seriously looked like a hurricane (the real kind, not the figurative "my child is a mess" kind) had ripped through our neighborhood. About every other house either lost some tree limbs or bushes. Random trash littered  yards and the street (because, of course, Friday is trash day). It was definitely a bit surreal.

Everything is fine, now, and we were safe throughout the storm itself. The best thing we learned from the ordeal, though, is that we have some really great neighbors! Neighbors that pitch in and help out- we really do love our new neighborhood. :-)


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