Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Swimming Lessons

Posted by Heather at Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ready to swim!

Today, Katy had her first swim lessons at Open Water Adventures (OWA). It took me awhile to find swim lessons that were a) affordable, b) close and convenient and c) a small teacher/student ratio. I asked around to several friends and other moms in the MOMs Club. I asked around in our neighborhood. Then, I heard back from one neighbor saying that her kids went to OWA. Then, I found out that another friend had taken both of her children there. Finally, another neighbor happened to mention OWA. After so many recommendations, I was sold and signed Lil' Miss up for Tuesday morning lessons.

Originally, I thought that OWA was just a scuba place (it IS a scuba place)- I just didn't know that they did swim lessons, too. I'd seen them along one of the major roads here in the Charlotte area, but never gave them even a passing glance.

This morning, Katy suited up and off we went- only a five minute drive from home- so close! She was so excited about the lessons and her new suit and goggles. She even told her Preschool teacher, yesterday, that she had swim lessons, today.

The class consists of three children to one female teacher. I specifically signed Katy up with a female swim instructor to try and make her a little more comfortable in the water. Because the pool heater wasn't working, the instructor, Miss Rachel, had all of the kids put on wetsuits. Of course, Lil' Miss very LOUDLY proclaimed her disdain for the black, unflattering wetsuits in favor of her new, girly, striped suit. Not a good start. Then, when the other children jumped right into the water, Katy clung to my leg and refused to get into the pool. AHHHH- this wasn't exactly going as planned...!

Another instructor, Ms. Lynn swooped in to give Katy a little more individual attention and I excused myself from the pool deck and viewed the lessons from the separate scuba shop. I hoped that if I were absent, Katy would warm up to the situation and participate in the lesson. Sure enough, after a little coaxing and some peer pressure from the other children (the one other little girl, Molly, kept coming over to Katy), Katy got right in. Katy followed the instructor's directions and managed to do some floating, kicking and blowing bubbles. Of course, Katy enjoyed the jumping into the water from the side of the pool part, best!

So, in conclusion, we've got a ways to go, but at least she got into the water and participated  The whole lesson wasn't a complete wash (pun, intended :-). Metaphorically speaking, jumping in is the hardest part.... :-)


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