Sunday, October 14, 2012

1,000 Blog Post!!

Posted by Heather at Sunday, October 14, 2012
We have hit a big milestone here at All Things Katy! This is our 1,000 blog post!! Can you believe it?! Two and a half years and 1,000 posts later, we're still going strong and evolving and growing along with our Katy Grace. To commemorate this momentous occasion  I thought that it'd be fun to take a little walk down memory lane, blog style... :-)

-Our very first blog post was "Happy New Year, Little One." I was still pregnant with Katy and she wasn't even born, yet.
-As I type, we've had 38,313 all time history pageviews.
-The most popular post (as shown by number of pageviews) was "The Money Saving Mom's Budget- Book Review." It was viewed 523 times.
-The second most popular post was the "Cookie Monster Birthday Bash," detailing Katy's first birthday party.
-Google searches have proven to be the most popular way viewers have come to All Things Katy! 
-Some common searches that have led viewers to our neck of the blogosphere are: "cookie monster," "All Things Katy," and "cheddar bunnies."
-Our viewers hail from all over the globe- Russia, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, India, Brazil, France, Netherlands and especially right here in the good ol' US of A.
-Up until January 2012, we had the same old look. We updated the overall template with "A New Year, A New Blog Template."
-"Wordless Wednesdays" started January 2012 with "Wordless Wednesday- Ernie for Lunch."
-On February 22, 2012, we launched a series called, "Sentence of the Day," recording all the funny, silly and sometimes embarrassing things Lil' Miss tends to say.
-April 2, 2012, "Muffin Tin Mondays" joined the round-up, as a weekly feature displaying the fun, creative and allergy friendly lunches that Katy enjoys. Slowly, MTM has evolved into more of a bento-style lunch as Katy entered Preschool, this past fall (more portable).
-"Katy's Playroom" was the first blog post where I went from writing TO Katy and writing ABOUT her. Originally, I had started the blog as a kind of "Baby Keepsake Book" and a way to share about Katy to friends far and wide. So, I wanted to write TO her. However, as the blog has evolved, I've found it to not only be a source of recording our lives together as a family, but also a platform to share new books, new products, opinions and various other things tangible and non-tangible.
-"Muppets" has been either in the title or the topic of only 16 (out of 1,000) blog posts. With a Muppet-adoring father like Ted, this surprised even me!

So, here's to 1,000 good posts and many more to come....!!


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