Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bye-bye Ghetto Bed, Hello, Big Girl Bed!

Posted by Heather at Sunday, September 11, 2011
Katy, scaling "Mount Bed" (check out that flexibility!!)

Katy, pretending to "sleep" in her new bed (because "pretending to sleep" is really all the "sleep" Katy does :-/).

Katy's Big Girl Bed

Katy, sitting pretty in her new Big Girl Bed

Gone are the days of the ghetto bed, Katy. You have now officially graduated from a mattress on the floor surrounded by a baby gate to a full-fledged mattress and box spring on a bed frame! Grandpa Jones and Daddy put together you Big Girl bed while Nana, you and I were out shopping, yesterday. When we came back, you were very excited to try out your new bed! You climbed and bounced and had a good old time testing out the new sleeping arrangement. Come bedtime, however, you were not as thrilled with the new digs because you knew it meant nighttime. Potty training, Big Girl Bed- watch our world, our Katy is GROWING UP!


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