Monday, March 14, 2011

"Old MacDonald had a farm..."

Posted by Heather at Monday, March 14, 2011
Parents of our friends the Keys' gave you a CD of kid-friendly songs recorded by a friend of theirs, Betsy Bish, for your birthday, Katy. We like to listen to the CD in the car. It's got lots of great silly, family-friendly songs that tend to get stuck in my head. The main song goes through the various sounds of farm animals- duck, chicken, cows, sheep. While driving to church on Sunday, Daddy and I realized that you were making the correct sound for the correct animal. When the song started singing about sheep, you would say, "Baa, baa" and when the song sang about chickens you would say, "cluck, cluck." I think we have a little smarty pants on our hands :-)

Later in the day, Daddy and I decided to test the farm animal theory and ask you, "Katy, what does a sheep say?" and see what you would answer with. At first, you said nothing. Then, when Daddy asked, "Katy, what does Shaun the Sheep say?" (referring to the clamation series and Wallace and Gromit spin-off, Shaun the Sheep), you promptly responded with a resounding, "Baa, baa!"


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