Thursday, February 10, 2011

51st Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, February 10, 2011
"Mommy, what am I supposed to do with this mega leg?!"

So much for a clean kitchen...

"Thank you for my (early) birthday Dolly, Granny Petruzzi!"

"You're turning violet, Violet!" Katy LOVES blueberries!

Coffee Break!

Today you are 51 weeks old, Katy!

From letting us know what you would and would not like to eat to letting us know exactly what toy you want to play with, you have definitely shown strong preferences, this week. For lunch, one day this week, I heated up some soup. I tried to feed it to you but you kept shaking your head know and twisting and turning away from the spoon. I finally gave up on the soup and heated up some leftover turkey and stuffing and- pun intended- you gobbled it right up! You point to your sippy cup when you are thirsty, now, too!

I fed you blueberries, this week. While you have had blueberries in things, before, you've never had straight blueberries, yet. YOU.LOVE.BLUEBERRIES! You ate almost half the container of blueberries in one sitting. I had to cut the blueberries in half before feeding you- I didn't want you to choke, Katy. Good thing blueberries are full of antioxidants.

You are walking more and more, Katy. While you still don't have the confidence to completely let go of whatever "walker" you are holding onto, you are walking further and more frequently without any assistance.

You are a curious little thing! You are into everything and every day I find something new to put up and out of the way. You love to open doors and cabinets. The pantry door does not click closed, so that means that even though it is shut, you can still seem to pry the door open and get inside to get into mischief!

Speaking of mischief, you are starting to climb more, too. You like to climb onto the step stool in the kitchen. You climb up the stairs as speedy as can be. You climb onto your bike like a pro. Also, when on the bed, you've actually turned yourself around so that your legs are first when you get close to the edge- you have an understanding of heights.

The two teeth on either side of the upper teeth are starting to come in. I do not know the names of these teeth, but they do seem to be bothering you some. I have noticed your bite getting stronger and better, though, now that you have both upper and lower teeth in the front.

You did GREAT in the church nursery, last Sunday. They didn't need to page Daddy or I and you were as happy as could be playing with the other babies. Speaking of the other babies, you like to give them "kisses." Daddy doesn't like this because the two babies, Wilek and Beckett, that you've tried to kiss so far, are both boys! Daddy says that for every boy you kiss now, he's adding a year to when you are allowed to start dating. I believe you are up to at least 34, now. ;-P


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